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Our Codex

Transparency and fairness are a matter close to our heart.

We stand by the following 5 principles of successful cooperation

Clients and agencies that start or participate in a Matching, as well as the employees of Agenturmatching, adhere to the following principles:

1. Clients and agencies contact each other

The mutual introduction of agency and client does not oblige to anything, but good manners and respectful treatment does. After Agenturmatching has introduced both parties to each other, the contact persons contact each other at least once (e.g. by email) and within 7 days, even if the project or situation has changed at short notice.

2. Information remains confidential

The employees of Agenturmatching, advertising companies and agencies always treat the information provided to them confidentially, regardless of whether confidentiality agreements have been made. Information may not be disclosed to third parties.

3. Information provided is truthful

Agency matching and participating agencies rely on the binding and accurate statements of the advertising companies, for example on the available project budget. Agencies also assure that all information, for example on reference projects, is correct.

4. Clients pay for pitches and pitch-like selection procedures

Intellectual, creative work has a value. Agenturmatching only works with reputable advertising companies that promise to pay agency pitches and other conception services associated with high effort within the selection process appropriately and fairly. If pitches and pitch-like selection procedures take place, they should be carried out and decided in a maximum of two stages.

5. Advertisers shall ensure that copyrights are protected.

We only support advertising companies that ensure that copyrights are protected. We reject pitch-like procedures that are carried out with the aim of exclusively taking ideas.

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